Squid Game VR location-based multiplayer experience launches this week

Squid Game VR location-based multiplayer experience launches this week

Image: Netflix

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Squid Game Virtuals is coming to Sandbox VR locations around the world.

Squid Game is one of the most successful series of all time, with more than 265 million views, according to Netflix. While it is still unclear when the second season will be released, a reality show based on the series called Squid Game: The Challenger will begin streaming on November 22.

In addition, fans will soon be able to experience the game for themselves. Announced earlier this year, the Squid Game Virtuals location-based VR experience will launch on September 29 at Sandbox VR locations worldwide.

The VR experience, designed for two groups of six, will transport you and your friends to iconic Squid Game locations where you’ll compete in various challenges, including ‘Red Light, Green Light’, and ‘Crossing the Glass Bridge’. Netflix and Sandbox VR also promise “surprising new twists” that expand on the world of the series.

Squid Game Virtuals will offer both familiar and new challenges

After each game session, players will receive personalized highlight videos that capture their virtual in-game reactions and recap how their very own Squid Game story unfolded.

“During early development we knew the key to this project was to bring the unforgettable thrills and drama of Squid Game to VR in a way that’s approachable and fun for fans,” says Michael Hampden, SVP Content and Creative Director at Sandbox VR. “Working closely with Netflix, we designed new mini-games and adapted ideas from the series. The result is an incredibly engaging and social experience, unlike anything Sandbox VR has created before.”


Sandbox VR is operating in over 40 locations across seven countries. In the last twelve months, it has opened 18 locations, each over 5,000 square feet with at least 4 holodecks.

Sandbox VR delivers exclusive location-based experiences

A holodeck accommodates up to six players who can roam freely within the game space while being fully tracked. A vest provides haptic feedback. In addition, players can use haptic weapons in some experiences.

Squid Game Virtuals is Sandbox VR’s eighth VR game, all developed by the company’s in-house game studio. Other VR experiences include Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission, the pirate adventure Curse of Davy Jones, and the fantasy game Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire.

If you want to know what a VR experience at Sandbox is like, read our Sandbox VR review.

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