Someone recreated the intro of Twin Peaks in Pixar style with AI tools


A new movie project shows how AI can be applied to moving images, opening up new creative possibilities.

Twitter user “Oakland Chronic” used Pika Labs and Midjourney to recreate the Pixar-style intro to the cult series Twin Peaks. Pika Labs is a fast-growing text-to-video creation platform. Among other things, the platform can animate images, which is probably what was used to create the Twin Peaks video: First, the image was created in Midjourney, and then Pika Labs was used to animate it in a short video sequence. The final editing was done with a video tool.

Video: Oakland Chronic, Twitter

It’s unsettling, weird, uncanny, yet emotional and oddly comforting. A Twin Peaks Disney cartoon made by AI would be horrifying — but we’d watch it. That’s what fascinated me!

Oakland Chronic

The audio of the video is the same as the original audio of the intro, from which all scenes were generated. Here’s the original intro for reference.



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