Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella does not seek further control over OpenAI


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella does not seek further control over OpenAI, according to an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Nadella says Microsoft just wants “good stability” and is happy with the current structure as OpenAI’s largest investor. European and British regulators have recently investigated the close ties between the two companies. Microsoft owns 49 percent of OpenAI.

Microsoft has invested some $13 billion in OpenAI. After the temporary removal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in November, Microsoft CEO Nadella personally lobbied for his reinstatement.

Microsoft’s interference in OpenAI’s policy has triggered antitrust investigations in the EU and the UK. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is also investigating, according to Bloomberg.



Nadella says it is “inevitable” that regulators will scrutinize the activities of a company the size of Microsoft.

According to Nadella, Microsoft is not seeking a seat on the board of OpenAI. Ultimately, Microsoft wants new entrants and healthy competition.

The Microsoft CEO also emphasized that his company is not overly dependent on OpenAI. Microsoft provides OpenAI with “key parts of the technology it needs to create its products,” by which he likely means the computing power for AI training, and conducts AI research. According to Nadella, Microsoft controls its destiny.

Microsoft is dependent on GPT-4

But Microsoft has yet to prove this. The company has had notable successes, such as the small and efficient Phi-2 language model.

But without OpenAI, Microsoft would not be able to keep up with competitors like Google or Meta when it comes to language models. A proprietary language model built by Microsoft that could compete with GPT-4 is not on the horizon.


Microsoft has recently scaled back its mixed reality investments.

Although Microsoft overtook Apple as the most valuable company last week, Nadella does not put much stock in that. In the technology sector, the share price says little about the future. The key is not to rest on the laurels of the past, but to face the challenges of the future, Nadella says.

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