Half of parents think school is ready for AI, but only 16% know what it’s all about

A survey conducted by Echelon Insights on behalf of the National Parents Union sheds light on parents’ views on the role of AI in K-12 education. The survey found that 49% of parents believe their children’s schools are prepared to use AI tools, and 53% believe their schools are preparing students for a future where AI could impact jobs and the global economy. The survey also found that 56% of parents see a positive impact from using AI-powered online tutoring programs for their child. However, only 36% of parents believe AI tools would have a positive impact on essay writing, and only 16% of parents said they have a detailed understanding of how AI works and how it is used. The survey was conducted online from October 3-6 among 1,515 parents of public school students.

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Online journalist Matthias is the co-founder and publisher of THE DECODER. He believes that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the relationship between humans and computers.

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