Google invests 25 million euros to expand its AI network in Europe


Google has launched its AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe, committing €25 million to improve the AI skills of the European workforce.

Initially, a significant €10 million of this funding will be dedicated to skills training for workers from marginalized groups, in partnership with the Center for Public Impact. Google is particularly looking for applications from social enterprises, nonprofits and generally “vulnerable communities.”

Who can apply

  • A wide range of nonprofit and / or public interest organizations or social enterprises such as, but not exclusive to, trade unions and trade bodies, municipalities, nonprofits and professional associations;

  • Registered in any of the EU-27 member countries;

  • Have a mission to support workers as part of their core activities and a proven track record of reaching and running programs for workers from underserved communities who require additional support;

  • Can demonstrate an established, trusted relationship with underserved groups, including an understanding of their needs and how to remove any barriers they face;

  • Have a commitment to life-long learning;

  • For profit entities without a social impact purpose are not eligible for this fund.

The tech giant will also sponsor “Google for Start-ups Growth Academies” across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These programs will mentor promising start-ups using AI for solutions in areas such as healthcare, education and cybersecurity. As part of the program, the Growth Academy: AI for Health is now accepting applications.

In addition, Google is adding more languages to its basic AI courses, bringing the total number of languages available to 18. It is also expanding its Google Career Certificates, which provide learners with deeper AI insights and real-world application experience.



While Google’s initiative may sound like it’s for a good cause, it’s strategically designed to create business opportunities. The training courses will showcase Google’s AI platforms and tools. Meanwhile, the startup academies open doors for future Google investments in Europe’s burgeoning AI scene.

That’s not to say the initiative can’t be helpful to workers and entrepreneurs. Just be aware of Google’s underlying motivations, and also seek other sources of knowledge and networks.

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