Google brings new search feature to Bard chatbot


In search of the future of search, Google integrates automated search phrases for the Google search engine into the Bard chatbot.

Google is integrating search suggestions into its Bard chatbot: Anyone who clicks the “Google it” button in Bard after replying will first receive suggestions for search phrases that match the topic. Clicking on that phrase will bring up a Google search with matching results. According to Google, this change is intended to cover a broader range of interests with more related topics.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal that the company will continue to integrate large language models into search. However, he specifically spoke of integration in the “context of search” and not chatbots as a replacement for the search engine. The new Google-it phrase suggestion feature could be a way to bring the two search systems closer together.

In addition to users, the new feature could be of interest to journalists or search engine (or soon: chatbot) optimizers looking for additional ideas for topics and keywords. It is possible that Google will combine the know-how of the chatbot with the real-time knowledge of the search engine, similar to what Microsoft is trying to do with the new Bing. However, the latter often produces poor results, such as incorrect website citations.


Math and logic update is here

The math and logic update for Bard recently announced by Sundar Pichai has also been rolled out. According to Google, Bard “doesn’t always get it right on math and logic questions.” The update aims to improve the quality of answers in these areas.

Google is now collecting the changes for Bard on the very simple “Experiment Updates” webpagefurther emphasizing the chatbot’s experimental status.

Chatbot competitor OpenAI, on the other hand, is doing everything it can to disrupt the Internet ecosystem with ChatGPT, already offering paid accounts with ChatGPT Plus and soon additional plugins that could greatly expand the chatbot’s functionality. If users take up the offer, it could change the Internet.

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