Federal Aviation Administration tests virtual reality training for U.S. pilots

Federal Aviation Administration tests virtual reality training for US pilots

Picture: Loft Dynamics

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Virtual reality could soon be used to train helicopter pilots in the US, thanks to a Swiss startup.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently testing a VR simulator from a Swiss startup. The system comes from Loft Dynamics, a Zurich-based company that specializes in VR simulators.

VR Simulators: Cost effective and efficient

Loft’s VR simulators don’t fit in a suitcase like VRgineers’ portable VR flight simulator, but they are much more compact than traditional systems. The Swiss startup’s systems consist of VR headsets and a frame structure that replicates the cockpit and control panel of a helicopter.

Two simulators have already been installed at the FAA’s research and development center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for training on an Airbus SE Robinson R22 H125 helicopter.

Loft Dynamics, whose systems have already been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, hopes its technology will provide a more efficient and cost-effective method of training pilots on different types of aircraft.

However, the technology is not yet certified in the United States. In addition, the use of VR is currently limited to the helicopter market. The FAA first wants to test the performance and effectiveness of virtual reality in helicopter pilot training.

Sources: Loft Dynamics, Bloomberg

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